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Stockholm 29 January 2021

Crown Princess Victoria to open stockholm fashion week with speech on sustainability and diversity in fashion – seminar series to follow up

Swedish fashion brands are leading the change for Climate Action. And with an increased awareness around Diversity, the industry learns and engages for a better future in fashion.

Stockholm Fashion Week proudly announces that HRH Crown Princess Victoria will inaugurate the digital event on 9th February.

The three-day programme continues with the designers’ digital, and a couple of livestreamed physical, presentations mixed with conversations, as a part of The Swedish Design Movement*, on how to rebuild the fashion industry, creatively and sustainably. How do we hold on to the magic of fashion and design while producing, transporting, using and recycling our wardrobes responsibly?

The pandemic effects on fashion will be discussed with “State of Fashion” report experts Achim Berg, McKinsey, and Casey Hall, Business of Fashion China, and moderated by Simon Collins. Expect some very interesting, and challenging, facts observations and insights from this session!

The way we buy, use and reuse fashion has changed dramatically over the last year. Having cleared out our wardrobes with more time at hand in isolation and lockdown; a more sophisticated second hand, vintage and renting market has emerged. Elin Larsson takes a closer look at the new business models with her panel speakers from Re:Newcell, It’s Re:leased, Absolut and Gina Tricot/Gemme Collective. In addition, Larsson will explore textile recycling with new mechanical textile recyclers SYSAV and recycling giant SOEX/I:Co that recycle manually and repurpose as much as 97% of old goods.

Swedish Fashion Association partner The Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action (STICA) will present their first progress report and discuss what it will take for the Swedish apparel and textiles industry to halve its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, while also leading the world in climate action. Michael Schragger, STICA, will lead the panel with Eva Eiderström, The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, Kim Hellström, H&M Group, Sandra Roos, KappAhl, Cecilia Tall, TEKO and Åsa Andersson, Peak Performance.

Swedes grow up in a democratic and equal society where children from a young age learn about nature and to care for it. As a consequence, Swedish design teams’, regardless of creative industry, mindsets are focused on sustainability. As part of the re-launch of the Swedish Design Movement programme, Stockholm Fashion Week organiser Catarina Midby will discuss Sustainable design – the Swedish way - with Eva Lilja, IKEA, Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M, Jenny Bergström, Swedish Institute och Tobias Olsson, Architects Sweden.

Clare Press, Wardrobe Crisis, engages in Values and Purpose and the New Influencers with Imane Asry, Fashion with Faith, and Roger Dupé, Melyon. Fashion and looks are no longer enough to create a following in social media. Audiences want more substance and engagement in important matters.

Finally, Stockholm Fashion Week is honoured to present Baroness Lola Young of Hornsey in a close conversation with Suzan Hourieh Lindberg, The Social Few. The Baroness, who has a background as an actress and teacher, takes an active interest in ethical matters in international trade, particularly the garment industry, and will discuss diversity with data driven diversity expert Suzan Hourieh Lindberg.

For Stockholm Fashion Week schedule see here.

*Swedish Design Movement is a governmental initiative that aims to increase the international passion in Swedish design, including architecture, fashion, furniture and other design expressions. The overall goal is to strengthen the Swedish design position and thereby to increase both international tourism and Swedish design exports. The program is led by The Swedish Institute in collaboration with Architects Sweden, Swedish Fashion Association, The Swedish federation of Wood and Furniture (TMF), The Swedish Society of Crafts and Design/Svensk Form and a number of Swedish cities, regions and further partners.

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