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Tuesday 31 August 16.00 – 17.00 CET       Show (Physical) by invitation only     ZAMINA SCILLASDOTTER     Tuesday 31 August 16.00 – 17.00 CET       Show (Physical) by invitation only     ZAMINA SCILLASDOTTER     Tuesday 31 August 16.00 – 17.00 CET       Show (Physical) by invitation only     ZAMINA SCILLASDOTTER     Tuesday 31 August 16.00 – 17.00 CET       Show (Physical) by invitation only     ZAMINA SCILLASDOTTER     

Stockholm-based designer ZAMINA SCILLASDOTTER is known for her background in bespok tailoring and launched her eponymous brand 2019. The handcrafted elements and the details as well as the choice of fabrics all reflect the couture side of fashion that attracts Scillasdotters creativity. Her visions and ideas are based on reflections of feelings, movement and her background as a singer and dancer. The handcrafted element is the base in her work and Scillasdotter are proud of her tailoring background, where the understanding of how a garment can be made to last for a long time.


Zamina Scillasdotter is a Swedish clothing brand. The collection is made in her studio in Kungsbro strand in Stockholm, where the designer mixes her work with bespoke custom-made garments and seasonal collections. The collection is a mix between ready to wear and couture pieces. It is inspired from different cultures, various mental states and to fall between the chairs in our society. To be lost between different worlds but also how we can reach up to the surface again. We put a mark on people according to our own view of the world. Why do we want to place people in boxes, how can we know where they belong? It is pertinent to let us become who we are instead of letting strangers put us in different categories. Can you be yourself, and not your illness, heritage or social status?

This collection consists of garments named Närmare än naket, Utbränd, In the eye of the spectator, Roots, Bloodstream, Lost in system, Lost Identity and Whole to name a few. All those garments have been created to represent an issue in the society. They have been created throughout the interaction of the body and its movement, that creates a beautiful dance that allows different garments to sculp graceful silhouettes. The designer has mixed her craftmanship with societal issues, the nature, and structures.
Right where the body and soul intercross are influences that shape the creative process. With manipulated fabric and a mix of different textures to let the eye see the true emotions and expressions on the outside and transform into art couture and to leave the spectator with a deeper thought and not just a garment. As the brand combine art, tailoring and design, each garment has its own story, and it is in the eyes of the beholder set the limits of your own imagination - this is how Zamina Scillasdotter wants you to see it.

Photographer and maker of trailer Christofer Zagal
Jewelry Carl Martenz
Models Mariama Gaye, Nitia Nsengiyumva, Princess Lyka Alexander
Makeup Zehlin Nordstedt, Reema Beshir
Assistant Saidi Scillasson
Assistant Rasmus Georgiadis
Sponsor Tygverket – Home Fashion AB.
Movie fashion show Filip Snabb
Hair fashion show Elisabeth Sise
Music Joaquin Cornejo