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Wednesday 1 September 17.00 – 18.00 CET       Studio Visit (Digital)     STAND STUDIO     Wednesday 1 September 17.00 – 18.00 CET       Studio Visit (Digital)     STAND STUDIO     Wednesday 1 September 17.00 – 18.00 CET       Studio Visit (Digital)     STAND STUDIO     Wednesday 1 September 17.00 – 18.00 CET       Studio Visit (Digital)     STAND STUDIO     

Nellie Kamras founded STAND STUDIO in 2014 from the idea to meet a demand for expertly designed, high fashioned leather pieces. Since then Stand Studio has expanded to deliver seasonal collections mainly in leather and faux fur, but also in wool, vegan leather and other new sustainable materials. Stand Studio is now a renowned contemporary fashion brand that can be found in a global selected distribution.


For the Spring Summer 2022 collection STAND STUDIO has continued to work on wardrobe designed to strengthen their DNA yet letting it evolve. During the pandemic, the brand has explored the root of their identity and been inspired by their classics and essential staples.

STAND STUDIO has played with proportions of their classics and used Men’s tailoring a an inspiration when challenging the original look. The brand has evolved its confidence to become more polished and sharper. STAND STUDIO introduces new tailored pieces such as fitted blazers, dresses and shirts as well as long silhouetted coats. Their colourful identity is still just as loud as the previous season with a color scheme that amplifies summer.The Spring Summer collection includes luxurious and carefully selected materials to the iconic STAND STUDIO staples.
The brand has played around with different faux leather materials in matte as well as surfaces with a slight shine to add richness to the collection.
Key leather pieces such as bikers, shirts and shorts have been elevated to give a fresh summer look. The successful quilted faux leather program has been further developed to STAND STUDIO bomber jackets, also available in leather. The brand is also introducing jersey for the first time. A colourful assortment of hoodies, sweatshirts as well as printed t-shirts captures the capsule wardrobe that the brand continues to build.
The brand has carried on with a matching headwear assortment of hats in seasonal colors to complete the STAND STUDIO girl’s already strong look. The successful bag line continues with new leather chain bags, logo bags as well as laptop cases and backpacks in multiple color options. The concept of contrast and duality, the cool and the classic, the fun and the powerful, is all within the brand’s DNA and clear throughout the collection.

Stylist Naomi Itkes
Art Direction Calle Liljendahl
Photographer Teitur Ardal
Make-up Fredrik Stambro
Hair Jesper Hallin
Retouch y-ldn