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Monday 7 February 17.00 CET       Digital Presentation      LAZOSCHMIDL     Monday 7 February 17.00 CET       Digital Presentation      LAZOSCHMIDL     Monday 7 February 17.00 CET       Digital Presentation      LAZOSCHMIDL     Monday 7 February 17.00 CET       Digital Presentation      LAZOSCHMIDL     

LAZOSCHMIDL is a menswear brand founded 2014 by Josef Lazo (B.A. Womenswear, London College of Fashion) and Andreas Schmidl (M.A. German and Japanese literature, Goethe University Frankfurt) and unites the disciplines of fashion design and literature. Combining their cultural and educational backgrounds in a unique design process, each collection is developed from writing. A script builds the backdrop for various characters who determine the individual looks and respective garments. This script can be a poem, a fictitious song lyric or short story. 


Based on a song created within a lucid dream, the collection is the chorus for a pre- apocalyptic hymn of positivity. It’s over. Maybe yes. Maybe not. In this dream, a girl band is singing this song. The dreamer is watching their performance on a video screen in a bar. The song is so enticing that he wakes up, grabs his phone and records a voice message. It’s a break-up love song. It indicates disparity while longing for the feeling of belonging together. The dream of continuing. Being able to continue. Being together.

“When I look in your eyes and I look at your sins. When you follow your heart and I follow my dreams. Then baby, it’s over. It’s over.”

Garments feature Japanese writing in bright pop colours on tight rib tops and feece hoodies enriched with Swarovski crystals. Retro techno cowboys are dressed in reworked chaps, frayed hand-painted chinks, neoprene suspender bodies, overdyed workwear denim, sheer chiffon shirts and bouclé surfer hoodies. Accessories introduce, for the frst time, patent leather tote bags and hand-knitted hanky scarves. The butterfy motif appears this season as prints and painted leather bolo ties as the brand’s recurring motif of transcendence and ultimate transformation into dressed-up beauty.

Watch full interview with Lazoschmidl here︎︎︎
Film: Julius Hayes
Artistic director: Andreas Schmidl
Casting director: Josef Lazo
Styling: Emma Thorstrand

Hair: Jesper Hallin
Make-up: Jasmine Lundmark
Music: Carl Hjelm
Photo assistance: Julia Malmqvist
Styling assistance: Lena Scheins
Models: Nisch Management
Special Thanks Serge Carreira, Gustav Skärbring, Mathias Fältmarsch, Sandra Marquina, Nora Svenson