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Thursday 2 September 12.00 – 13.00 CET       Show (Digital)      JENNIFER BLOM      Thursday 2 September 12.00 – 13.00 CET       Show (Digital)      JENNIFER BLOM      Thursday 2 September 12.00 – 13.00 CET       Show (Digital)      JENNIFER BLOM      Thursday 2 September 12.00 – 13.00 CET       Show (Digital)      JENNIFER BLOM      

Award-winning fashion brand JENNIFER BLOM was born in 2010, with a vision to create beautiful custom-made gala dresses for the red carpet. Skilful cutting techniques and delicate materials give life to sustainable, handcrafted quality pieces that will be loved for generations. Femininity, glamour and pleating is at the centre of JENNIFER BLOM, together with a unique way of reading the female body.The brand is often seen at prestigious events, such as the Nobel Prize Ceremony, worn by celebrities and royalties, among them the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria.

JENNIFER BLOM is all about making things last, both when it comes to the design and the quality of the clothes, giving fashion a long life. Creating handcrafted clothes of the highest quality, fused with love, timeless design and sustainability means that every detail is carefully selected, allowing the customer to invest in clothes that will last longer and even be passed down to the next generation.

“When I say my clothes are affordable, I take their lifespan and long lasting beauty into account,” Jennifer says.The brand’s aim is to help customers find something unique and rare to wear, either through direct-to-consumer or online rental services. This way JENNIFER BLOM can remain luxurious and exclusive, which is why customers remain devoted.

THEME: SUN "Precious Gold on Earth"
INSPIRATION: Sun and Flowers

Step out into a world of BLOOM and bask in the gleams of sunshine.

Crave and feel a strong lust for life. You know, a flower cannot blossom without sun and we cannot live without sunlight.

Feel the sunrays through the trees wherever you are sitting or walking down the streets.

Let them warm your soul. They will brighten up your day and keep you strong, invigorated and motivated. Life can hand us hard times, heavy days and dark years. A sunny day with beautiful sunrays help to lift your mood and brighten your day. You will forget your worries , even just for a little while

Life begins again with warmth and sun. Let's be grateful for all the trees, flowers, birds, animals, bugs. Without sunlight we wouldn't be enjoying any of this. So let the sunshine surround you, start a new day and open your eyes to a new world. Anything is possible with the help, warmth and rays of sunshine.

I am immensely proud to present my new collection "Precious Gold on Earth". It has individuality, highly handcrafted styles, strong new silhouettes and vivid colors. Most of all it contains sun and life.
 Each dress has been designed with a conscious thought in mind, with the best silk fabrics and U-circular silk fabric.

The fabric qualities;
Pleatings, recycled silk materials, silk from certified suppliers, tencel and u-circular silk.

The prints;
Water colour paintings inspired by beautiful flower gardens and my own garden.
Seen through a digital lens, with all the elegance of mother nature.

Bright colour mix, bright yellow, white, red, darkwine and blue. Gold and metallic adds a bit of contrast.
The colours are inspired by the sun and flowers – all from mother nature.

Various pleating techniques, jaquard and organic shapes.

Pleated details and hand crafted pieces.