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Stockholm 21 August 2020

HRH Crown Princess Victoria to open Stockholm Fashion Week digital edition 25 august

The official opening of re-launched Stockholm Fashion Week, this time in a digital structure, will be inaugurated by the HRH Crown Princess Victoria, speaking from her home at Haga Palace in Stockholm.

HRH Crown Princess Victoria is very supportive of Swedish fashion and often wears Swedish designers’ creations for official engagements. The Crown Princess is also very committed and engaged with sustainability in fashion and likes to wear garments and accessories with an added sustainability value, that are made of sustainably produced materials and made using better production processes. The Crown Princess’ s interest in the handicraft as well as the business of fashion is well known within the Swedish fashion community.

We are extremely happy about The Crown Princess’s support and engagement. We really couldn’t wish for a better ambassador for Swedish fashion and are proud to present the opening speech on the Stockholm Fashion Week digital platform on Tuesday 25 August at 10.00 CET, says Swedish Fashion Association’s Secretary General Catarina Midby.

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Naira Abdel Halim