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Wednesday 1 September 9.30 – 9.30 CET       Event (Physical)      Aéryne Breakfast      Wednesday 1 September 9.30 – 9.30 CET       Event (Physical)      Aéryne Breakfast      Wednesday 1 September 9.30 – 9.30 CET       Event (Physical)      Aéryne Breakfast      Wednesday 1 September 9.30 – 9.30 CET       Event (Physical)      Aéryne Breakfast     

AÉRYNE is a sustainable, affordable luxury brand from Scandinavia. We produce wardrob essentials with a twist, focusing on sustainability and affordable prices, as a tool to empower women.

DESIGN Our design is contemporary and edgy, inspired by the effortless simplicity of Scandinavian style and the confident individualism of Paris. The design process is divided between our studio in Paris and our Stockholm office. We release four collections per year, produced in limited quantities. We also have more elaborate, show off pieces produced on demand, as part of our sustainability initiative.

SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION We mainly use eco-friendly fabrics sourced from various fabric mills in Europe. We use a mix of stock fabrics, OEKO-TEX certified fabrics and recycled fabrics as much as we can, but also faux fur and faux leather, to be kind to the environment and ensure animal welfare. Our products are manufactured in factories that we have vetted to ensure good working conditions. The majority of our production is in Hungary but some pieces requiring a specific technique, that we can otherwise not access, are made in China.
FEMALE EMPOWERMENT Aéryne empowers women by giving back to society. Through our empowerment fund, Aéryne Academy, we are contributing to the education of the next generation of women. We offer a steady contribution to our partnering school in Mumbai, which finances the tuition fees of female students otherwise unable to afford education. We believe in sisterhood, that empowered women empower other women in return, and that education is the key to independence and an equal society.

We like to engage with our community on key topics around womanhood and share each other’s experiences. Every two months, we select one topic of discussion and a key opinion leader to guide the conversation into a place of understanding, solidarity and personal growth.

In everything we do, we are empowering women through style.